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Loss of Pension Payment Order: Issue of Duplicate copy thereof

Loss of Pension Payment Order: Issue of Duplicate copy thereof

Circular No 137

No. AT/Tech/7 Vol-IX

O/o the Pr. C.D.A.(P), Allahabad

Date: 11.05.2009


1. The CDA (PD), Meerut

2. The CDA,Chennai

3. The Director of Treasuries………

4. The Managing Director,Public Sector Banks……

5. The Military and Air Attache, I.E. Kathmandu, Nepal

6. The Pay & Accounts Officers……

7. The Post Master………

8. Nodal Officer of Private Sector Banks……

Sub: Loss of Pension Payment Order: Issue of Duplicate copy thereof.

Procedure for issue of duplicate copy of pension payment order in lieu

of lost one are contained in para 5.1 and 5.2 of Defence Pension Payment

Instructions 2005 and para 9.1 of Scheme for Payment of Pension to

Defence Pensioners by Public Sector Banks (Revised Edition 1987).

According to which, if a pension payment order issued by the Pension

Sanctioning Authority is lost, duplicate copy thereof may be obtained by the Pension Disbursing Authorities from the concerned Pension Sanctioning Authority, on furnishing a loss certificate stating the purpose for issue of duplicate PPO.

Of late it is noticed that PDAs, while forwarding the loss certificate,

do not furnish full details of their address alongwith legible official seal as

well as full details of pensioner and the purpose of requesting for issue of

duplicate PPO.

In the absence of above informations there always occurs delay in

issue of duplicate copy of PPO, leading to complaints from pensioners.

In view of the above, it is requested that all pension paying offices/

Treasuries/ pension paying branches/DPDOs under your jurisdiction may be instructed to furnish the following documents/informations invariably,

while requesting the Pension Sanctioning Authorities for issue of duplicate copy of Pension Payment Orders.

(i) Loss certificate duly stamped with legible official seal.

(ii) Full details of address of PDA viz Postal address with PIN code

and state where PDA is situated.

(iii) Full details of pensioners viz PPO No. and year of issue, name of

the pensioner, nature of pension etc.

(iv) Purpose for issue of duplicate PPO i.e.for payment purpose or


(v) When PPO is lost before first payment, a declaration from the

pensioner that no payment has been received and a non payment certificate from the PDA concerned, should invariably be enclosed alongwith the loss certificate.





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