Thursday, January 13, 2011

Roadways employees demand payment of salary

ALLAHABAD: The employees of Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) staged a demonstration on Thursday at their regional office to protest against the non-payment of their salary.

The employees said that they would be given half the amount of their salary. The employees added that as they had worked for the full month, then what is the point in giving half salary.

Addressing the protesters, Lal Tiwari, joint secretary of UP Roadways Employees' Union, said that if the management fails to pay the salary, then the earnings of UPSRTC from Allahabad region would not be allowed to be taken to Lucknow by taking consent from the central leadership of the union.

S S Malviya, a union member, questioned the rationale of disbursement of half amount of the salary as the UPSRTC is not incurring any loss.

"All the buses are plying full. The top officials of the UPSRTC do not want the employees to lead a peaceful life," he alleged.

Addressing the protesters, Ramakant Tripathi, regional president of UP Roadways Employees' Union, said that the income of the UPSRTC is about Rs 5 crore per day and expenses come out to be Rs 4 crore per day. "Though the roadways is earning Rs 1 crore per day, the salaries are not being distributed to the employees," he said.



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