Thursday, July 22, 2010


Medical college teachers welcome GR

Teachers at Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) and the Indira Gandhi Government Medical College (IGGMC) have welcomed the recent government resolution (GR) restoring the retirement age of non-medical teachers at 58, instead of the increased retirement age of medical teachers, which is 62. Speaking to TOI, the Maharashtra State Medical Teachers Association (MSMTA) president of GMCH Dr PG Dixit said that the GR was a welcome gesture by the state government. He said that there was no need of nonmedical teachers in medical colleges any more.

This is the best way to slowly withdraw them from the system. There was a time when colleges did not have teachers with MD degrees in various non-clinical subjects like biochemistry, microbiology, physiology etc. Now most medical colleges have medical teachers in these subjects and the government can afford to keep the retirement age of non-medical teachers at 58, he said. MSMTA secretary from IGGMC, Dr Manish Shirigiriwar too supported Dr Dixit's stand and welcomed the new GR.

"The GR is surely a welcome step. It will give more opportunity now to medical teachers with MD degrees in non-clinical subjects. Teachers with degrees in pure sciences have the option of both teaching in conventional colleges and medical colleges. But the same option is not available to our teachers. We have ample qualified MD teachers in these subjects and there is no need to continue the old system any more. The GR is a good way of filtering them out," Dr Shirigiriwar said.

Other professors and lecturers at IGGMC and GMC too stand by the MSMTA. Some teachers at IGGMC told TOI that presently many teachers with just MSc degrees were employed in the college whereas many teachers with MD degrees in non-medical subjects were looking for jobs



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